Awkward first post

Ooof. The first post is always so clumsy and weird.

There’s no real theme to what I’m doing here (though I’m sure over time one will emerge). I’ve just finished my library degree, which means two things:

  1. I have a lot more time to be writing blog posts (and doing things which lead to the writing of blog posts: i.e. regularly donning pants and leaving the house, ingesting vitamin D, interacting socially with other humans in real-time-meatspace)
  2. I no longer have any regular writing prompts (a blessing and a curse: returning to academic writing after a few years off was challenging and required that I learn how to cite things properly. On the other hand, I managed to weed a lot of the International Art English out of my writing during my IKM degree. I suspect that the cost of brevity is eternal vigilance, so I should probably keep writing, lest the notions, interrogations and gestures etc come creeping back in.)

So here we are.

I discovered today that the suffix “-arian” describes someone who is a believer in, or advocate of something. Which has me thinking about the prefix “libro”, and how there’s a lot more going on in librarianship than a fondness for books. This of course,  is not news to anyone who works in or near a library.

But back to the suffix: not being a native Melbournian I sometimes wonder how appropriate it is to characterise myself as “a believer in this city”. But I figure that since I didn’t grow up here, Melbourne never got the chance to recede into the background of my daily life. After 9 years it continues to delight me, and while it has no need of my advocacy I’ll continue to praise it all the same.

Welcome to my awkward blog 😛


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