Hey look at this cool thing | Friday Link round up

tumblr_n8ek99sXdY1td0jiuo1_1280THE CAMERA IN THE MIRROR

Mario M. Santamaria curates robot reflections from the Google Art Project.

Everyone should probably get used to the idea of having some kind of relationship with a Google robot. Showcasing their selfies seems like a nice way to break the ice.


“Each sculpture is hugely time consuming and labour-intensive and this work is an essential element not only in the construction but also in the meaning of each piece. The finished artefact is really only the ghostly fossilized vestige of this slow, long process of realisation.”

Cut paper sculptures of cells, microbes, pathogens and neurons, exquisite and utterly thrilling for a Haeckel-fangirl like myself. There’s something interesting going on, I think it’s to do with the diagram being made from paper. As though Ernst Haeckel’s radiolaria are consuming the very medium upon which they were recorded, in order to push and shove their way into possessing a form.

My new favourite Twitter account.


Neat little morph of Archibald Prize winning portraits. Functions well as a quick but powerful lesson in the power of composition.

“Art party raw denim tousled Vice, food truck fixie seitan beard Intelligentsia. Swag squid whatever Vice. Four loko Wes Anderson 3 wolf moon, normcore VHS photo booth keffiyeh vinyl messenger bag gluten-free Etsy keytar. Tattooed cardigan Tonx, gastropub sriracha banjo kale chips…”

Arisanal filler text for your site or project. Also on twitter: @hipsum_

Last week someone was telling me about their vegan dumpster-diving friend who lives primarily off the eggplant parmas they scavenge from a well-known Sydney Road bar. And even though LOLHipsters is wearing pretty thin at this point, I guess they’ve been on my mind.


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