Hey look at this cool thing | Friday link round up

via New York Heritage Digital Collections - click for source

The good old days of LIS studies, when telekinetic cataloguing was still a standard part of the syllabus – via New York Heritage Digital Collections – click for source


Put it in your diary: discussion from Dr. R David Lankes, author of The Atlas of New Librarianship, as part of University of Maryland’s Re-Envisioning the MLS series. For those of us unable to teleport ourselves to the USA for the session, there is also an Adobe Connect conference set up – if you’re on the east coast of Australia, the start time will be a very reasonable 8.30am on Friday 7th November. This book was hugely important to me when I was working on my LIS degree – more than anything else I read at that time – and I am excited to hear more about what a “librarianship unencumbered by buildings or a fealty to traditions” looks like.


Clever bot to make life worthwhile

Click meeee for more instructions on how to interact with TroveNewsBot


Trove now provides access to over 700 digitised newspaper titles. As Trove‘s Catriona Bryce writes, “all of the digitised newspapers are fully text-searchable and users can enrich and enhance the data through subject tagging, text correction and annotations.” And on the subject of Trove – have you been to TroveNewsBot’s tumblr? Reminiscent of the British Library’s Mechanical Curator, the TroveNewsBot randomly gathers and posts images, which are all taken from Australian newspapers.


Screenshot of Inspirograph

Inspirograph: much like those candy cigarettes that milk bars used to sell, it’s sweet and nowhere near as habit-forming as the real thing


My childhood Spirograph kit ensured that by the time I was 7 I understood that the creation of great art demanded an equivalent toll in anxiety. Many years later I was at art school and remembered the giddy joy and exquisite terror of playing with one of these, and devoted weeks to rekindling my Spirograph obsession, before quitting out of concern for my health (both mental and physical.) If, for some reason, you need to turn your control freak friend or family member into a hermit, by all means give them a Spirograph and a packet of really nice coloured ballpoints. You’ll probably never see them again. Inspirograph is a pretty good facsimile of Spirograph in some respects, but inspires none of the perfection-driven-angst that makes it so addictive and life-consuming. Whether you see that as a feature or bug is your prerogative.


Melbourne Knowledge week

Melbourne Knowledge week: Monday 27 October to Sunday 2 November 2014.


An eclectic mix of forums, workshops and talks around science & technology, arts, urban planning, education and more. My picks: Classes in Anything and EverythingAnimating the Inanimate, Visualising Health  and Stop Apologising for Your Arts Degree. #underwaterbasketweaverpride



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